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What fun it will be to experience danger and work together as a nation to defeat that danger and prosper. We have concentrated too long on material well-being and looked to “somebody else” to solve our problems. BREXIT will force us to stop squabbling over things that don’t matter and become innovative and creative and determined and risk-taking and prepared to make sacrifices. We shall be alive again and achieving and doing what men were meant to do. We shall not be eating Brussels quiche any more.

The poetry of Rupert Brooke is not fashionable and these words were about WW1, but they have a resonance when applied to the dreary world that Europe has been for us.

“Now God be thanked Who has matched us with His hour,

And caught our youth and wakened us from sleeping,

With hand made sure, clear eye and sharpened power,

To turn, as swimmers into cleanness leaping,

Glad from a world grown old and weary.”

Others have expressed similar thoughts when those governing the nations have made a huge mess of it and a chance finally arrives to kick it all into touch and follow fresh, inspirational ideas. You will find the sentiment in the last paragraphs of the last story in His Last Bow. You will find it in The Flying Inn by G.K.Chesterton when honest folk rebelled against legislation that closed Public Houses.(And that is topical enough – consider that awful woman who wants to reduce our consumption of alcohol even further.) Will these people never learn that preservation of life at all costs is a ridiculous aim in view of the countless millions of us who have already died? One crowded hour of glorious life is definitely worth an age without a name

I believe that Dylan Thomas died in a New York hospital after a drunken binge. Great poetry is of more value than a long life.


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