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July 24, 2013

Today brings a leaflet from the local vicar – nicely presented in bright colours – well done! He sees a few forces hindering his work. ONE – “Growth in atheism and the strident denial of the existence of God”. TWO – “A gathering storm of pluralism, influenced by eastern philosophies”. THREE – “A visual age […]


June 9, 2013

I  posted recently about religion and the gay marriage thing. My starting point was that the sociological purpose of religion is to make the tribe do the things that are good for it. That is to say, the wise men of the tribe figure out a policy and endue it with divine authority so that […]


February 4, 2013

The UK parliament will shortly vote on the issue of gay marriage. It raises a very deep issue, because a significant section of society (the pro- lobby) are saying that religion is wrong on an issue of morality. They are saying that while religion is supposed to have a monopoly on morality, their form of […]