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MAY 22nd 2014

May 30, 2014

  My last post but one considered whether I should or should not vote for UKIP in the election for the European Parliament on May 22nd. That date has come and gone, and I did vote for UKIP. So did a great many other people in the UK. Many others in other European countries took […]


October 18, 2013

An article in the Daily Telegraph attributed many of society’s ills to the poor upbringing that some children receive. That is very easy to believe, but almost impossible to remedy. Some of the forces that were influential are no longer effective. Fewer people now believe that good and evil actions here will lead to reward or […]


August 2, 2013

The Daily Telegraph today reports a prominent Labour politician expressing uncertaincy about where his party is going – what it stands for and what it wants to achieve in society. It has long seemed to me that the deep-down difference between Labour and Conservative is that the former believe in Collectiveness (quite natural given how […]


July 18, 2013

The UK media are giving extensive coverage to problems in our National Health Service. Failures have been uncovered and fingers are being pointed. The problem is so complex that assigning blame to a single person, or group, or practice or event would be a simplification. Yet, there are lessons to be learnt (or re-learnt) about […]


June 21, 2013

I did two posts recently called After Gay Marriage and More About What’s Out There. Both left loose ends. The GM thing started by seeking for the sociological purpose of religion and postulating that it was originally an attempt to make the tribe do the things that were good for it by establishing rules and […]


April 18, 2013

I found a post recently about religion in schools. I think it was for or against a particular religion. My belief is that everybody should be made aware of the significance of religion as a general concept – both at home and at school. Children quickly become aware that electricity is dangerous and that crossing the […]


April 14, 2013

This title avoids using the word-of-the- week – “Thatcher”. I recognise her quality but find it rather sick-making to have a whole week of idolatry. It makes us (the Brits) look like a nation of voyeurs. What she did had to be done sooner or later, and few people would have had the courage to see […]


April 4, 2013

The different views about “reform” of the benefit system are confusing. There is no certainty about the impact and the arguments seem to reflect in-built beliefs. The churches are all about charity and love, so most condemn the changes. And almost everybody is against harming those who are in real need. On the other side, people with […]


March 9, 2013

The argument is renewed. Cameron wants deficit reduction. Cable wants borrowing to invest. Borrowing is fine if you are confident that the activity on which you spend that money is going to earn you more than you pay out. This was very clear to me fifty years ago when contemplating a machine purchase for a […]


October 15, 2012

Paper today reports retired  Armed Forces Chiefs lobbying MOD.  This soon after the revelation of Savile behaviour which was  ignored for X years because of our celebrity culture. It seems as if Wealth, Power, Celebrity and Economic Well-being are today’s Gods. It’s reasonable for people to seek power in order to make a beneficial change. It’s […]