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October 24, 2013

There was a report recently¬†in the Daily Telegraph about a speech made by The Archbishop of Canterbury, saying that “economic recovery is not enough.” He went on to say that society needs to be more caring and should reflect Christian values. Well done, Archbishop. It’s great that somebody should make the point that Christian values […]


September 18, 2013

I finished my last post arguing that we can never know what is ‘out there’ so the best response is to have another beer and forget it. That is still my attitude so far as finding answers is concerned, but speculating is fun so I go on doing it. Last Sunday I watched a religious […]


February 14, 2013

I posted before about the secular state usurping moral authority. Is it possible that Christianity misses a few tricks by relying too much on its core message and not venturing into a broader field? ¬†For some people, disbelief in religion is an adequate argument for ignoring the teaching of Christ. But you don’t have to […]