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June 14, 2016

The conflict goes on day after day with not much new being said on either side. Every claim is disputed, or branded as an outright lie.An unavoidable fact is that we just don’t know what will happen if stay or if we go. Given my own state of ignorance, the voting decision is bound to […]


December 8, 2013

Everywhere this week, the news of the death of Nelson Mandela has been the Number One item. The worldwide media were full of justified tributes. It was a fantastic achievement to end apartheid and bring reconciliation. As I read all about it, I was worried that there were points in that long story that we might […]


November 30, 2013

I posted on the Scotland issue yesterday but felt that I had missed something. I wonder if the deepest motive in the SNP campaign is just a historic ANTI-ENGLISHNESS. They have got some reason to feel this way because, on the whole, they came off worst in our various conflicts. But they did remarkably well in fights […]


April 14, 2013

This title avoids using the word-of-the- week – “Thatcher”. I recognise her quality but find it rather sick-making to have a whole week of idolatry. It makes us (the Brits) look like a nation of voyeurs. What she did had to be done sooner or later, and few people would have had the courage to see […]


April 4, 2013

The different views about “reform” of the benefit system are confusing. There is no certainty about the impact and the arguments seem to reflect in-built beliefs. The churches are all about charity and love, so most condemn the changes. And almost everybody is against harming those who are in real need. On the other side, people with […]


January 15, 2013

Present concerns about the state of the UK and it’s competitiveness lead one to worry about eductation. We have a minister who obviously wants to improve it but we don’t see much dialogue about why children and young people should want to learn. In underdeveloped countries people are desperate to go to school. Why? Because […]


October 15, 2012

Paper today reports retired  Armed Forces Chiefs lobbying MOD.  This soon after the revelation of Savile behaviour which was  ignored for X years because of our celebrity culture. It seems as if Wealth, Power, Celebrity and Economic Well-being are today’s Gods. It’s reasonable for people to seek power in order to make a beneficial change. It’s […]