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October 8, 2013

Two thoughts came together recently. One was sparked by the latest UK scandal of child neglect. The behaviour of the mother was quite terrible, but it also seems terrible that she should have reached a mental state in which she was capable of such acts. What caused her to be like that? And then, with Sunday coming up, I got […]


June 4, 2013

The quest interests me seriously. My second reading of SHAMANISM brings out ideas that I missed first time round, and some of them are echoed in other sources. One significant point is that the shaman goes to great lengths to separate himself from ‘normal’ reality in order to perceive and enter an alternative reality: one […]


May 21, 2013

So there was a debate last night in the House of Commons on this issue. What do I think, me being a Christian? I assume that the ceremony of marriage has a sociological purpose, that purpose being to increase the chance of children being brought up in a stable background. When a man and a woman intended to live together permanently and […]