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April 18, 2016

The papers yesterday reported some vigorous talk by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in support of the OUT campaign. They rightly identified the approach of Cameron and Osborne as one based on fear. Do those two really think the nation will like that? Who do they think we are? But they might succeed if people […]


April 9, 2014

This issue comes up more frequently as the referendum gets closer. I am English, but a great admirer of the Scots and would be sad if they decided to leave us. It does not seem at all clear whether an independent Scotland would be better or worse off economically. So it looks like an emotional […]


April 14, 2013

This title avoids¬†using the word-of-the- week – “Thatcher”. I recognise her quality but find it rather sick-making to have a whole week of idolatry. It makes us (the Brits) look like a nation of voyeurs. What she did had to be done sooner or later, and few people would have had the courage to see […]