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June 15, 2016

I am taking a day off from logical (I hope) prose. Back tomorrow to fulminate against EU as usual. Sorry about the line-spacing. I never tried poetry on WordPress before. THE BORISSCOPE My Borisscope reveals to me a country Merkel-free Where adjectives for bureaucrats all start with letter B And envious euro-serfs admire our new-found […]


June 14, 2016

The conflict goes on day after day with not much new being said on either side. Every claim is disputed, or branded as an outright lie.An unavoidable fact is that we just don’t know what will happen if stay or if we go. Given my own state of ignorance, the voting decision is bound to […]


February 5, 2013

This is Nshila talking – the fictional heroine of three books. In my last post I explained a pseudo-scientific experiment I was planning to test the efficacy of my witchdoctoring procedures. It failed, but also helped me. I set up my control by doing all the usual things and Ellie McFain ignored her usual dog-walking […]


November 14, 2012

In a previous post I explained my search for some clear link between witchcraft and a physical outcome – a link that did not depend on psychological manipulation. The search interests me because I want to further empower my fictional heroine without straying too far into fantasy. I have made no progress. What I have […]