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December 10, 2014

A few days ago I went to the small country church where my father was churchwarden in the 1970’s. It was depressing: there were about ten old people (my age) taking part in an activity which they had known all their lives but was now bereft of supporters. My next thought was that some Christian […]


October 21, 2014

Welcoming mail at my new home included the parish magazine. (Church of England). It offered the above headline, referring to the problem of many parishes, including my old one. The institution can’t attract sufficient adherents to get the money it needs to meet its commitments  – in this case the ‘parish share’ required by the […]


April 21, 2014

Today is Easter Sunday and I watched an impressive church service from Leicester Cathedral. I saw a large number of people to whom the Easter message – the resurrection – was real and inspiring.  Many of those people must be highly intelligent and sincere in their belief.  Where does that leave me? I was brought […]


March 7, 2014

The dominant feature in my posts is probably my interest in the supernatural. Interesting things in current affairs creep in often enough, but religion and the supernatural have pride of place. I include the Christian religion as part of the supernatural because that’s where it belongs. Sometimes people see it as completely different, but that […]


February 27, 2014

The Daily Telegraph has a report about reduced grants for people training to become teachers of Religious Education. It also has a very good leading article about the subject. The article points out that all religions promote a concept of right behaviour and that the influence of this concept extends far beyond the religious professionals […]


February 5, 2014

It annoys me that I keep on going to a religious institution where people talk with conviction about things I see as uncertain. I support the faith and the institution but can’t say YES to everything. Do others disbelieve, but maintain a pretence? Am I just too pig-headed to abandon the faith of my fathers? […]


October 24, 2013

There was a report recently in the Daily Telegraph about a speech made by The Archbishop of Canterbury, saying that “economic recovery is not enough.” He went on to say that society needs to be more caring and should reflect Christian values. Well done, Archbishop. It’s great that somebody should make the point that Christian values […]


October 8, 2013

Two thoughts came together recently. One was sparked by the latest UK scandal of child neglect. The behaviour of the mother was quite terrible, but it also seems terrible that she should have reached a mental state in which she was capable of such acts. What caused her to be like that? And then, with Sunday coming up, I got […]


September 15, 2013

The human search for whatever is “out there” – God or some impersonal cosmic force – reveals similar concepts from different sources. Opposing arguments can be derived from that similarity. One argument says, “Several different civilisations come up with the same idea. Therefore it must be true.” The other argument says, “All the people who […]


August 10, 2013

The connotations of the word “faith” are generally favourable. We ask people to “have faith” and we praise those who are “faithful” and we condemn those who are “faithless”.  We don’t always ask, “Faith in what?” Look deeper, and other connotations appear. We talk about Christianity and Islam as Faiths. That usage is clear and […]