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February 5, 2014

It annoys me that I keep on going to a religious institution where people talk with conviction about things I see as uncertain. I support the faith and the institution but can’t say YES to everything. Do others disbelieve, but maintain a pretence? Am I just too pig-headed to abandon the faith of my fathers? […]


September 18, 2013

I finished my last post arguing that we can never know what is ‘out there’ so the best response is to have another beer and forget it. That is still my attitude so far as finding answers is concerned, but speculating is fun so I go on doing it. Last Sunday I watched a religious […]


March 24, 2013

Two days ago I had an e-accident – pehaps hovering over the wrong part of a page.  I found myself contributing to a blog run for atheists and felt that I was a trespasser. But it set me thinking about my state as a very open-minded member of The Church of England. (Notoriously broad, bless […]


October 24, 2012

I have just read the interview with Russell Blackford published on Rational Hub. (Most of it, anyway.)  Questions of Morality and Religion and the secular approach of Atheism are relevant today, when stories of misdoing in high places dominate the news. I liked this paragraph from Russell Blackford. ” Basically, my view is that moral […]


October 18, 2012

Atheists sometimes attack the God concept quite aggressively. I wonder why.  Is it perceived as abdication of man’s right to think and explore? is it perceived as hindering intellectual progress? Surely if you deny all possibility that God might exist then you reduce the avenues of enquiry. You are poorer, not richer. Since nothing is proveable […]