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The campaign to say YES in the EU referendum plays far too much on a fear of what we will lose by exit. It assumes that we are a people who will respond better to fear than to other more worthy motives. It is an insult.

Is this emphasis being taken because the advantages of staying are hard to perceive? Is it a device to conceal the overall weakness of the case? Cameron has failed to win the concessions we hoped for and we ought not to be surprised about that. Was it ever likely that the other members were going to agree to special terms for just one of their number? He now has to present a case that will only lead to  loss of sovereignty.

Fear implies an enemy.  It seems sad to use the language of warfare when talking of an institution whose original ideal was to prevent war. But though Europe itself is not an enemy, there is an enemy present and it might be feared and it does have a name. It is called CAPTIVITY and it is the opposite of FREEDOM. 

The word CAPTIVITY was used in the Bible for a time when substantial numbers of the Jewish race were carried off into Babylon and had to submit to the laws of that place. Do we want to be subject to the laws of Brussels? Surely that should be feared?

If an enemy is to be feared, the decision to fight or submit is influenced by an estimate of the power of the enemy. One of the obvious things about the organisation of the EU is that it is incompetent. That is surely a weakness and should make us more confident in fighting.


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