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November 4, 2019

A good TV programme recently about Quantum Physics. It seems that at the sub-atomic level there is a THING (which must have some special name) that is itself made up of a lot of MINI-THINGS. Every of these is capable of developing into a THING and they can communicate with each other. Some accident (nature […]


December 27, 2015

It can’t be denied that Christianity as identified with the Church of England is in decline. It worries me to be part of an organisation that fails to adapt when there are so many arguments in its favour. My starting point is that you can’t ever KNOW what lies beyond this life in any scientific […]


April 21, 2014

Today is Easter Sunday and I watched an impressive church service from Leicester Cathedral. I saw a large number of people to whom the Easter message – the resurrection – was real and inspiring.  Many of those people must be highly intelligent and sincere in their belief.  Where does that leave me? I was brought […]


August 25, 2013

I came across the report of an evolution v. creation debate, set in New York. The issue seems to loom bigger in US than it does in UK. I thought the words RANDOM and PURPOSEFUL were tossed about without much thought. RANDOM was used as if it was an unassailable classification, not to be disputed or qualified […]


July 7, 2013

My blogging, reading and, writing are moving towards the mystic and the supernatural.  That’s odd for a person whose life span falls in a time when science is king, religion has been ‘disproved’ and no reality is recognised except that what we can sense for ourselves, or with the instruments  science has provided (like the telescope). Yet exclusive reliance on […]


June 9, 2013

I  posted recently about religion and the gay marriage thing. My starting point was that the sociological purpose of religion is to make the tribe do the things that are good for it. That is to say, the wise men of the tribe figure out a policy and endue it with divine authority so that […]


June 4, 2013

The quest interests me seriously. My second reading of SHAMANISM brings out ideas that I missed first time round, and some of them are echoed in other sources. One significant point is that the shaman goes to great lengths to separate himself from ‘normal’ reality in order to perceive and enter an alternative reality: one […]


May 27, 2013

I have written books with a witchdoctor heroine and become quite obsessed with the existence or otherwise of ‘unkown forces’. I don’t use the word ‘supernatural’ because I am not sure what ‘natural’ means. It makes sense for me to have this interest, because I am a Christian and Christians believe in ‘something out there’. […]


May 12, 2013

Thank God for the centuries of ignorance when science did not afflict us with the truth and people were free to populate the universe with a glorious variety of supernatural beings. The trouble with science is that once reality is known it becomes much more difficult to create convincing alternatives. Once you KNOW it becomes […]


April 6, 2013

Nshila Ileloka here – fictional heroine of Chris Elgood books. I saw a tweet about assisting married friends to conceive. Could imitative magic help? Failing body parts, would names on back of images be enough? I believe one should make every effort to do the job thoroughly. Witchdoctoring works through a spiritual agency and the […]