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September 20, 2019

This is a book I would never have read if it had not bee)n recommended to me by a fellow-resident in the Old People’s Home where we live. (a.k.a. Luxury Retirement Village.) The writer (Dervla Murphy) is an Irish woman of great courage and determination who travelled around South Africa by bicycle just before and […]


July 7, 2016

How are these linked, apart from history? Could it be that the installation of Blair as labour leader ushered in an era of truth-bending in which distrust of government grew and grew and grew? And so this year, when government made a massive effort to persuade the nation that ‘Nanny knows best’ the response was […]


March 31, 2014

There is extensive news coverage about Ukraine and Putin’s land-grab of Crimea. What will happen next, and why? It is pretty clear that nobody is going to start a shooting war to stop him. Not the EU and not the USA. Putin knows it. The politicians and the commentators talk a lot about economic sanctions […]