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October 17, 2019

Off tomorrow (courtesy of daughter and son-in-law) to visit places that meant something to me. This time, Maldon, Essex, where an Anglo-Saxon called Byrthnoth lost to some marauding vikings in 991. The Anlgo-Saxons are favourites of mine because of the loyalty of each tribe to it’s chief and their habit of fighting to the last […]


September 27, 2019

In the great Brexit debate we hear very little about how dire life will be if we DON’T leave the EU. Imagine for a moment that the remainers somehow manage to overturn the referendum results. Within Europe there will be rejoicing that we have failed to break free and a new confidence in the power […]

Climate change.

September 24, 2019

This is getting all the publicity right now. Marches all over the world – largely by children – and a summit meeting of world leaders to discuss actions. Is it real? Who will be affected? Will anybody care? What will be done about it? In an age when none of the media can be fully […]


September 13, 2019

I have become very frustrated  by the attempts to stop Boris getting us out of the EU on October 31st. To prevent my anger impeding logical thought, I used Google to find out what he EU is really all about. I found little that I did not know before. It all started with the laudable […]


September 1, 2019

Is it possible for the confusion over Brexit to be worse today than it was yesterday? apparently, YES. One result of the confusion is that emotional decision-making looks a better option than ever. I want OUT, and I believe BORIS has a good chance of delivering. The opposition seeks to make a NO DEAL exit […]


June 13, 2016

For the Queen’s 90 birthday the National Anthem was sung in many places. The words are a bit corny and it is normally restricted to the first verse. The church I was in elected to add verse 3, in which the words of the title above appear. The Queen will have no chance of defending […]


June 7, 2016

Cameron keeps on saying how stupid it is to ignore the supposed expert economic arguments for staying in the EU. He asks “Who do you trust?” He wants us to answer ‘”the experts, and D.Cameron!” Well, you (D.Cameron) I certainly don’t trust. You sound as if you are endlessly repeating what the brief says. There […]


May 26, 2016

I was delighted by the comments of Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph today.He was rubbishing the gloomy forecasts about leaving and described them as ‘a farrrago of nonsense’. He kept up the strong language when dealing with the Treasury’s analysis of the short term consequences of leaving. ‘A scandalously unethical concoction of a kind […]


May 23, 2016

In the debate about our referendum too little thought has been given to how we will react after the choice is made. An OUT decision will present big challenges and there will be an obvious need to make positive and effective changes. That will be stimulating and unifying  We have stood on our own before […]


December 2, 2014

News and views about the EU are confusing. How will it all play out? One of my imagined scenarios is that Britain will leave the EU and will be seen by the EU as a threat to all that it stands for. The American Civil War will be replayed in Europe but with economic and […]