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July 3, 2016

The UK press today is full of the contest to become leader of the Tory party and (presumably) the next Prime Minister. The winner will have to decide when to trigger Article 50. (With the extreme possibility of a second referendum and reversing the OUT verdict.) Before that action the PM will need a clear […]


June 20, 2016

The LEAVE campaign and the REMAIN campaign seem to have almost equal support. Will anything new be said in the last few days? The strategists have stuck so far with The Economy for REMAIN and Immigration for LEAVE. Presumably they have identified target groups where these are the things that matter most. Do their arguments […]


June 1, 2016

Boris talked about a post-exit immigration policy based on the Australian model. That is a constructive suggestion and a change from all the negatives that have been flying about. The Australian policy exists, and works. The papers also reported a comment by Mr. Tusk directed to the Europhile Political Dreamers, amongst which I suppose he […]


May 31, 2016

Immigration has been a prominent issue in the past few days,  but Economics is still there, since Michael Gove wants to make people better off by abolishing VAT. My belief in Brexit has little to do with either issue but I wonder which of the two will make people believe deeply  enough to respond. I can […]


December 2, 2014

The issue rumbles on, with a recent Cameron speech in which he tried to please everybody Two aspects seem to me to be ignored. One is the prevailing UK culture of envy – expecting too much and seeing those who have more as exploiters. Despite the existence of many honest work-seekers, there is a suspicion […]