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January 1, 2016

I was distressed to hear a report on the television news that some authority is recommending even further reductions in the amount of alcohol thought safe to drink. Too few voices are raised to explain the creative benefits. We all have inhibitions, and not all of them are a force for good. One dangerous inhibition […]


August 26, 2013

I have done several posts on things that interest me, like philosophy, religion, etc, and speculation about whatever is ‘OUT THERE’. None of them are going to change anything in any way or add to what better men have thought and written centuries ago. A few of the things that have given me pleasure might be […]


May 22, 2013

21st May. Off to the AGM of the brewery founded by my Great-Granfather at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and run now by my cousin and his three daughters. (Makes the name Elgood & Sons now look a bit odd!)  Excellent beer, both traditional and new. Shareholders attending get a nice little gift pack con-taining one bottle […]


May 12, 2013

Thank God for the centuries of ignorance when science did not afflict us with the truth and people were free to populate the universe with a glorious variety of supernatural beings. The trouble with science is that once reality is known it becomes much more difficult to create convincing alternatives. Once you KNOW it becomes […]


May 10, 2013

I read tweets from atheists who get upset by the teaching of creationism in schools. Surely atheists have such confidence in the rightness of science that they can be relaxed about this issue. My belief is that creationism should be widely taught as the earliest attempt by man to explain the envirnoment in which he […]