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November 17, 2019

For several days now I( have watched politicians competing with each other to promise how much money they will spend (if elected) on various public services. Nothing is said about the difficulty of getting the practical results hoped for. What happens in a bureaucracy is that somebody is given a huge pot of money but […]


September 27, 2019

In the great Brexit debate we hear very little about how dire life will be if we DON’T leave the EU. Imagine for a moment that the remainers somehow manage to overturn the referendum results. Within Europe there will be rejoicing that we have failed to break free and a new confidence in the power […]


June 15, 2016

I am taking a day off from logical (I hope) prose. Back tomorrow to fulminate against EU as usual. Sorry about the line-spacing. I never tried poetry on WordPress before. THE BORISSCOPE My Borisscope reveals to me a country Merkel-free Where adjectives for bureaucrats all start with letter B And envious euro-serfs admire our new-found […]


June 13, 2016

For the Queen’s 90 birthday the National Anthem was sung in many places. The words are a bit corny and it is normally restricted to the first verse. The church I was in elected to add verse 3, in which the words of the title above appear. The Queen will have no chance of defending […]


June 9, 2016

By chance I have found and started reading a book about nations and power by some celebrated US professor. He starts off by describing the Chinese (Ming) and Mogul and Ottoman empires and explaining why they withered. The chief cause in his view is that they were centrally controlled by an elite group that became […]


June 1, 2016

Boris talked about a post-exit immigration policy based on the Australian model. That is a constructive suggestion and a change from all the negatives that have been flying about. The Australian policy exists, and works. The papers also reported a comment by Mr. Tusk directed to the Europhile Political Dreamers, amongst which I suppose he […]


April 18, 2016

The papers yesterday reported some vigorous talk by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in support of the OUT campaign. They rightly identified the approach of Cameron and Osborne as one based on fear. Do those two really think the nation will like that? Who do they think we are? But they might succeed if people […]


December 2, 2014

News and views about the EU are confusing. How will it all play out? One of my imagined scenarios is that Britain will leave the EU and will be seen by the EU as a threat to all that it stands for. The American Civil War will be replayed in Europe but with economic and […]

MAY 22nd 2014

May 30, 2014

  My last post but one considered whether I should or should not vote for UKIP in the election for the European Parliament on May 22nd. That date has come and gone, and I did vote for UKIP. So did a great many other people in the UK. Many others in other European countries took […]


February 21, 2014

Old people have always prophesied disaster. Are they always wrong? Here is Grim Thought No. 1. (Hereafter GTn).  Today’s press reveals doubts about the security and possible misuse of  a database planned for The National Health Service (UK). But that is only one of many databases that asked us to enter details or deceive us […]