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October 8, 2019

Ought not the title to be Science Fiction? The two are pretty mixed up. Sometimes nothing happens till an idea is created and then reality follows. At other times the thing comes first and then people write stories about it. Recently two writers of spy stories (Le Carre and Rimington) have been attacked by an […]


October 3, 2019

I sit here in the comfort and safety of this “Luxury Retirement Village” and the television informs me hourly of the appalling things that are happening elsewhere. And not just in remote corners of the world! Winchester prison was featured tonight (not fifty miles away) with details of the criminals locked up there for serious […]


October 2, 2019

It is not new. This quote tells the Bible story of how Jacob conned his father. “Jacob is attempting to impersonate his older twin brother, Esau, by wearing his clothes and putting hairy goat skins on his arms and neck (Genesis 27:6–17). The target of this fraud is his own father, an elderly and blind […]


September 20, 2019

This is a book I would never have read if it had not bee)n recommended to me by a fellow-resident in the Old People’s Home where we live. (a.k.a. Luxury Retirement Village.) The writer (Dervla Murphy) is an Irish woman of great courage and determination who travelled around South Africa by bicycle just before and […]


August 4, 2019

Another thing I would like to say after my return to digital life is about books. I read a lot, and have just finished “Marrying the Mistress” by Joanna Trollope. A good book, but I find the way she and some other writers portray the world very disturbing.  Is the modern cavalier attitude to love, marriage […]

Blogger Reviewer Rewards Program

September 17, 2016

I am writing this description of the Blogger Reviewer Rewards Program because I like the  onlinebookclub idea of reading and reviewing books and getting a small fee for doing so. To make the system work I have to include a clickable link, so here it is, and this post is aimed at you, OBC. http://onlinebookclub.org/free-books-for-reviews.php […]


October 13, 2014

Why is it that I disregard so many of the enticements to read books that I see promoted on twitter? Is it because there are so many that I could never tackle them all? Is it because I assume that promotional material always lies? Is it because I am jealous of people with the skill […]


March 19, 2014

The Daily Telegraph of Monday 17th March has two interesting pieces about religion. One reports statements made by the author Philip Pullman whose main argument is that extremist religious views provoke evil behaviour. That is 100% true. But some of the reported comments are more questionable. In describing one excess he is reported as saying, […]


March 7, 2014

The dominant feature in my posts is probably my interest in the supernatural. Interesting things in current affairs creep in often enough, but religion and the supernatural have pride of place. I include the Christian religion as part of the supernatural because that’s where it belongs. Sometimes people see it as completely different, but that […]


November 23, 2013

I am frustrated by the book marketing problem. I have three self-published books and very little success in selling them.  I look back at them critically and compare them with other books. They still look Ok to me. It seems more likely that they fail in visual appeal so that nobody bothers to start reading […]