Potiphar12's Blog
An Octogenarian in the modern world


My name is Chris Elgood. I was a management consultant in a specialised field and had to work so hard that there was no time for other pursuits. My daughter now runs our consultancy and I do what I never had time for before. I write books. My theme began with watching a real life witchcraft trial in Africa in 1957. My heroine learnt witchcraft in her homeland and now practices in London. She eliminates major evil-doers by a mixture of witchcraft and modern technology. Three books so far. Paperbacks and Kindle. I use the internet to publicise my books. I also use it to shout and scream about the idiocies of the world as I see it. Nobody listens, but if I did it in Hyde Park they might throws eggs/tomatoes. The internet is safer, and self-expression is a psychological relief.

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