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Off tomorrow (courtesy of daughter and son-in-law) to visit places that meant something to me. This time, Maldon, Essex, where an Anglo-Saxon called Byrthnoth lost to some marauding vikings in 991. The Anlgo-Saxons are favourites of mine because of the loyalty of each tribe to it’s chief and their habit of fighting to the last man, whatever the odds.They did their dying well.

The story is that the vikings landed by accident on an island (Northey) which is linked to the mainland by a causeway that is covered at high tide. The vikings asked Byrhtnoth for safe passage across the causeway so that they could have a proper battle. He agreed (nobody know quite why), the Anglo-Saxons lost, and Byrhtnoth got his head chopped off. He got a glorious death, which suited his culture.

Here, this week in England, we are promised  a mighty battle to decide whether or not Boris (the Anglo-Saxon) will get enough support to get his deal with the EU (the vikings) through parliament. Will he get his head chopped off or will he win?

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