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An Octogenarian in the modern world


My blog describes me as an octogenarian in the modern world, so a critical attitude and a lot of moaning is expected. Old men always think the world is going to hell in a basket. (It is, of course.) But, for a change, I will try to discover some really good things about the modern world in which I can rejoice.

So, rejoice with me about the dental surgery which will actually replace a rotten tooth with a beautiful new screw-in version. Never mind the fact that the procedure takes up to six months to complete. I am really looking forward to be able to crunch properly again. Is there a choice of shape? Can I have a tooth that makes me look like Dracula?

Not quite so modern, but very valuable, is that gizmo that stops me backing my car into another car or into a brick wall. I am more grateful to it every day, as the spaces in car parks get smaller and smaller.

Rejoice with me that there are some firms organised to work with the internet and modern delivery firms, and actually do what they are promising! It is not unknown to order something on Monday morning and receive it on Tuesday. The internet has it’s failures, but a big advantage is that you can find a supplier of almost anything without too much difficulty. I sat down too heavily on a cane chair that I own and the seat fell apart. A bit of research, and I found a specialist not too far away who did a fine job at a reasonable price.

Rejoice with me also about some of the good things related to internet banking. Once my bank knows who Dolly Fitzmaddox is, and where she banks, then I can ask it to pay her £89 and I get a clear, easily read screen saying “You have just paid Dolly Fitzmaddox £89”. No trouble with a letter or a stamp or a visit to the bank, and no doubt about Dolly getting the money.

There are even some government departments that have got their act together. DVLC at Swansea get to know about your MOT certificate and are quite polite about reminding you to licence your vehicle. Even the nanny state is not completely useless. I have a letter inviting me to have a free eye test because they think I have diabetes. (I don’t, but it’s nice they should be interested.)

Rejoice with me also about the fact that many electronic devices will respond to the equivalent of the sharp kick you used to give their mechanical predecessor. If you turn every switch off and start all over again, it often works. Why? Nobody knows. But they never knew why the kick worked, did they?

I must not forget the women who staff Reception and the Bistro in this institution where I live. Every one of them delightful. Grateful, too, for mental and bodily health which is still OK for an Oct.  being  a Christian, I wonder at times if I am alive because there is still something I am supposed to do or say or blog about.

And I must not forget alcohol. G.K.Chesterton wrote these splendid lines:

“Feast on wine or fast on water and your honour shall stand sure;

God almighty’s son and daughter, He the valiant, She the pure.

If an angel out of heaven gives you other things to drink,

Thank him for his kind intentions, go and pour it down the sink.”



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