Potiphar12's Blog
An Octogenarian in the modern world


Congratulations on ignoring all the cautious advice given to you, and saying loud and clear what you really think.


These clever diplomatic people (advisers) ignore the fact that what you feel, deep down, is a valuable signal and an indication of how you might act if you got the chance. If somebody really hates me, I want to know why. Maybe they have good reason and I have done something, perhaps unknowingly, to damage them. It could be rectified. Or they may have misunderstood my words. But if their hatred is never made clear, nothing can be done. Perhaps somebody has already made a wax image of me and is sticking pins in it without offering any clue why!

The emotional climate of our day is stuffed full of weasel words that conceal the truth. I wish there were more people like Prince Harry. Perhaps his outspoken attitude will make them regret  the pain they have caused.

Uninhibited expression of what you really think gives you a great feeling of personal relief and may even modify your desire for extreme action.


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