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What do you do when you want to ignore one of the stakeholders in your business enterprise? Never mind why you want to ignore them, but a common reason is that one of the other stakeholders is causing you trouble. Your investors are getting edgy about dividends, or your suppliers are giving preference to your competitors or there is a strike threat from your labour force, but you have a solid group of captive customers who are powerless.

There is no industry in which this can happen? How about the retirement village you own? The customers are people who have bought properties from you and can’t move out without major financial loss. They have a variety of complaints about your management but they can’t do more than moan. You don’t want to be openly hostile (bad for your image) but you have no intention of helping them because money is your over-riding priority.

Your first action? Inertia. Do nothing about the complaint that has been made until it re-surfaces. When it does? Just look regretful and promise that this time something really will happen. When told that it has not happened, what now? Evasion. Pretend that he complaint needs further examination than you realised. Next? Postponement. Invent a spurious complaint which is far more important and must take precedence, thus kicking the can further down the road. Next? Prevarication. Solving the problem will need action by an outside contractor, whom you have instructed. Still nothing happens? Blame the contractor for non-performance.

Get the idea? With luck, the people who brought the complaint in the first case will have given up in disgust.


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