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In the great Brexit debate we hear very little about how dire life will be if we DON’T leave the EU. Imagine for a moment that the remainers somehow manage to overturn the referendum results. Within Europe there will be rejoicing that we have failed to break free and a new confidence in the power of Brussels. The behaviour of the Europhiles will get worse. Their interference will increase.

Right now, many hotels offer options about breakfast that include FULL ENGLISH. The EU won’t eliminate the option but they will certainly define what constitutes FEB. So, five years from now, if we fail to escape, every hotel will be compelled by law to serve X amount of egg and Y amount of bacon and Z grams of mushrooms. What a lot of trouble that is going to cause!


That may be an extreme example, but there will be a host of other cases as bureaucrats in Brussels seek to punish us for trying to escape. An obvious one is driving on the right hand side of the road. They will fix on that one because there are reasonable arguments in favour, and a precedent, and they will be able to conceal their real reasons for insisting on it – being beastly to the British. The common currency will follow. The process will be like being swallowed whole by a snake and gradually digested.

When I was a boy there was a comic called The Knock-Out featuring Stonehenge Kit, the Ancient Brit. The chief villain had two assistants called Brit-Basher One and Brit-Basher Two. Their equivalents are alive and well today and dwelling in Brussels.


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