Potiphar12's Blog
An Octogenarian in the modern world


Today’s chosen subject for octogenarian rage is CHOICE. I am frustrated by the multiplicity of similar products displayed on supermarket shelves. There may be as many as twelve versions of what is essentially the same formulation, distinguished only by brand names and slightly different packaging. It is all so wasteful!

Behind each brand is a gang of clever marketing people, dreaming up new lies about why their product is different, and what makes it special. What a way to spend your life!  Sometimes it is hard to know what the basic substance really is. I have had to show a package to the person at the check-out and ask “Is this really orange juice?”or whatever. Why don’t I know what it is? Because the message of the branding often drives the generic name of the item into small print on the back of the package.

Does anybody benefit? Possibly a person who feels empowered by the ability to say, “I don’t like THIS ONE but I do like THAT ONE”. Maybe the choosing brings a feeling of individuality. Or perhaps it identifies one with a group of fellow-devotees. It seems to me that the aggravation of finding the basic item that you want outweighs such benefits.


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