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A few days ago I met a grand-daughter of a fellow resident in this OPH. Asked to meet her at the station. Same request yesterday but different grand-daughter.  I learnt a bit more about modern female thought this time, because I spent an hour with GM and GD.

Works in the caring profession. Studying psychology (Jung and Freud apparently still OK). Voted GREEN. Heavily into THE ENVIRONMENT and SOCIAL MEDIA and KINDNESS. Apparently has an active interest in old folk. I told her that her sister was already immortalised on my blog and she said she would look at it. Good Heavens, a reader! Socially skilled and very attentive to GM. Touched her, physically, often! I never thought of touching my GM.

How much do I agree with her causes? A lot, in the sense that they must be supported and fought for. But no expectation at all that their ideal will ever be realised. They represent one of many forces at work in society and they have a part to play in restraining other forces. If the ideas of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler ruled the world it would be a terrible place. GD is a slight girl, physically, with no hint of any aggressive attitude. Would she be safe in the world of GK and H? In our society she walks around freely and confidently , all alone, offering SOFT views unchallenged! That is a good situation, but it makes me wonder if our safety and peacefulness does not almost invite attack. Has the world of GK and H gone for good? I don’t  think so.

Man is an animal, and endowed with a need to perpetuate his species. That means he must have the capability to be cruel, ruthless and aggressive when necessary. So the force that drove GK and H has a role to play. It won’t go away. But it can be prevented from taking over. The ideals of this young lady must be supported, but the hoped for world can never be taken for granted



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