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A busy day.! Daughter wants studio photograph of herself with father. Quite pleased that she should want it. Place hard to find but just managed the right time.  What a performance photography has become! Here is an image of the Brownie Box Camera that I owned as a boy. brownie

That was about 1939, but i did not realise till now that Kodak first produced it in 1900. And (1939) I remember mu father organising a family photograph outside our house where the photographer fiddled around under a black cloth to insert a plate inside a rather larger camera (on a tripod) before holding up an object for us to look at and then clicking the shutter.

Nothing so simple today. Huge rolls of cloth of different colours that can be used as a backdrop. Three or four different light-dispersers that can provide different shades from different directions and improve the subjects’ hairline or jawline or whatever. A camera that the photographer can click again and again and record each image for instant display. When the father/daughter business is done, photographer suggests a few shots of bearded old man staring fiercely at the camera. In due course I shall be sent something to look at and may/may not put it on this blog.

Another adventure later in the day to explore the dental implant concept. (Not many teeth left LH side.)  Went expecting removal of damaged tooth as preliminary to commissioning of the replacement. Wrong! Just another session of pre-dental examination and form-filling.  He will now send me a ‘treatment plan’ plus a long questionnaire about the history of me and my teeth. Only when he gets this back will be prepared to take any positive action. It seems that, today, 80% of the process is bureaucracy and only 20% is dentistry. What a crazy society we live in.


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