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An interesting encounter! Fellow resident expects visit from grand-daughter. GD misses train, so arrives an hour late and misses planned lift from station. Will I help? Yes. GD told by mobile phone to look out for aged man with white beard.

I can’t remember meeting a 22-year-old for ages. Not a long conversation but a few details emerged. Like she had just taken the written part of her driving test. Written part? Whatever next? My driving licence was won in 1943 when a fellow officer (Barney O’Hare) took me out for a few lessons and we came home without an accident. Could I possibly pass a written test today?

Considerable social skill for a young person. Able to converse with aged stranger without appearing to patronise. Quite willing to accept company in our Bistro till Grandmother appears. But odd discrepancies. Like going to Victoria station when all trains to this direction start from Paddington. Would I do that in Paris – where she lives? Surely I would never mix up Gare du Nord with Gare d’Austerlitz.

Obviously a multi-national woman, equally at home in the UK and France and the USA. Studying at The American University in Paris. Seemed quite surprised that I was English for generations back on both sides. Sadly, I got no chance to ask her about politics and Brexit. Is she for Macron and Merkel or for Boris.  Must ask the Grandmother when we next meet.

.Don’t know how her name is spelt, but it sounded like Ariel. Ariel from ‘The Tempest’? It’ a great name for a girl, but Ariel was a spirit (sexless) and was played by a boy in Shakespeare’s time. It has a romantic sound and fitted her well enough. Different ideas go with Little Red Riding Hood but it is re-assuring to know that visiting grandmother is still an OK thing to do



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