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One of my advisers on blogging said that it could be compared to writing a diary. Well, something happened to me this very day (11th October 2019) which I would like to mention, and it connects with my last post in which I told the world a little about myself I went   to church this morning (see picture) which brands me as being in some sense religious. So to give an idea of me as a person I have to take the label Christian. There are more varieties of such than Heinz soup so your image of me may be anything from fundamentalist zealot to Lord Melbourne, who said that he was a buttress of the church because he supported it from the outside.


People who adhere to this faith have a duty to say so, particularly in this modern world where we are a minority and sometimes an object of ridicule. The preacher this morning upset me because it seemed that she held a very literal view of the old testament to which I certainly don’t subscribe.

I think that humans have been speculating about an after-life ever since they became conscious of their mortality.  The imaginary after-lifes they have created  have some big effects. They provide comfort, and they suggest qualifications for getting in or out. They also allow manipulative folk (like priests) to control the behaviour of less educated people. So a vast mass of rules and procedures have been built up in the name of different religions. You can strip all this away and ask which is best at reconciling the imperatives of Justice and Mercy. I think Christianity comes out on top

What about the behaviours that different religions urge upon their followers? In past times Christianity has been as bad as any. Look at the Spanish Inquisition and The St. Bartholomews Day Massacre in France and all those people Queen Mary burnt at the stake. Look at the procession of paedophile priests still being exposed today. Every field of human activity has a good side and a bad side. But Christianity tries to focus more on the two commandments (reduced from ten by Jesus Christ) of Love God and Love Your Neighbour.

I want to enlist on he side of the angels and I choose The Church of England because I think its ideas stand up better than the others and its code of conduct is the best available. Making no choice seems to me a cop-out.

Years ago I shocked my friends by comparing agnosticism to going to a horse race and not placing a bet. I have studied the data and the form book and put myHorserace

money on Jesus Christ. So I shall continue to attend this small rural church and put up with some utterances that I consider rubbish.

I am also a devotee of the great mediaeval poet Will Langland and have created a web site called praisingpiersplowman.com to popularise a religious work that seems to me as good as anything written since.

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