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WHO IS THIS AOM? (Angry Old Man)

Learning about blogs is quite hard! I have found that I must include some pictures (videos are beyond me at present) and that it does no harm to identify myself. So let’s start with my Great Grandfather, John Elgood, who founded a brewery at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England, about 1860 Here is a picture.


If you are entering Wisbech from the west, this wonderful Georgian building is what you will see across the River Nene. (Water just visible in the bottom RH corner.) We are still independent and we are managed by two Great, Great Granddaughters of the founder. We brew excellent beer and if you are in the area you must try our Black Dog.

I am called Christopher and after a life of intelligent drifting (a good policy if you have no vocation) I ended up in one of the smallest apartments in a “Luxury


Retirement Village”. Here it is. The situation causes me a bit of angst because I am not a luxury person and the trappings of luxury make me squirm. Circumstances brought me to this place and I sold a house in Kent to pay the most money I have ever paid for the smallest space I have ever owned. Some of the items meant to signify prestige and luxury can be imagined from looking at this repulsive urn that stands in front of the main door.


So far as I have achieved anything during my life it is connected with the book shown here. It made me an accepted guru in my field for a few years.


In my blog-learning I have to read the blogs of other people. The first thing that strikes me is how long-winded some of them are. Those that WP recommends seem to drag on for ages. Do some of these people know so much about their subject that they can’t make a precis?






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