Potiphar12's Blog
An Octogenarian in the modern world


Dylan Thomas offers two alternatives responses to growing old. One can “Go gentle into that Goodnight’ or one can RAGE. Perhaps ones attitude changes as the end of the road gets, nearer, but right now I am all for raging.

Rage against what? range against who? My present target is the appalling rate of change in things electronic. At 80 I struggled hard to get some familiarity with Linkedin and WordPress and such like. Then family problems demanded my whole attention and, now, as I come back to the field, they have changed so much that I must re-discover it all. Like everybody else, LLoyds Bank refuses to leave me alone. I am warned to be prepared for new security checks. And when I give in to their demands for a new password I shall probably be told that it must have three letters and four numbers and five of those obscure symbols that live somewhere inside the keyboard of my ancient computer.

When I bought my first bicycle it was just a matter of turning out my piggy-back and asking my parents to make up the shortfall.

I also RAGE (frequently) against the long-winded menu options that you get when you try to make a telephone call. As each option is read out, you wonder if the description might just possibly cover your query. Then you get to the end of the options and you have forgotten what they were. Yes, hiring a real body to answer the phone costs money, but it really inspires the caller to hear a genuine, intelligent, helpful human being. Maybe that does your business as much good as a cash saving.


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