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An Octogenarian in the modern world


Does matter that I am out of touch with the modern world? True? False? Matter to Me? Matter to anybody?

We are all out of touch to some degree. There are people around who know nothing beyond sex, alcohol, and football. It does not seem to worry them. There are also people around whose views are so fixed that they won’t even listen to opposing views. They are not worried either.

I am out of touch because I have assumed that the world is going to hell anyway and I will be dead before it has happened. Therefore, ignore anything new. But some new things are actually useful. Instead of reconciling myself to a toothless old age I find that I can have a dental implant. The man can dig a hole in my jaw and stick in a titanium post that will somehow bond with the bone and provide a base for a stick-in tooth. The news makes me sensitive to other health developments. Like the nurse who did the M.O.T. on my pacemaker saying that the remaining battery life was at least eight years and might be as much as ten. Wow! All this newness might matter to me, personally.

So when somebody enthuses about the latest technological miracle I shall actually have to listen.

Does being out of touch matter in a general sense? Is it bad for society? Yes, because we live in a democracy and an informed electorate is likely to make better decisions. The trouble with that is that the world is drowning in information without much clue about what is true and what is false. Can the individual do anything positive? Maybe – by thinking issues through and speaking or writing according to what you believe. You might just influence a few others.


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