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Another thing I would like to say after my return to digital life is about books. I read a lot, and have just finished “Marrying the Mistress” by Joanna Trollope. A good book, but I find the way she and some other writers portray the world very disturbing.  Is the modern cavalier attitude to love, marriage and sex really as portrayed in fiction? 

I got Google to tell me about Monogamy, and found that historically it has won out over Polygamy because the latter allows rich men to plunder the stock of marriageable women and thus create greater competition and aggression among other men. So society becomes more violent.

It makes sense to me, but Monogamy only says “One man – One wife at a time”. It does not say “The same wife all the time”. It does not prohibit the situation so common in modern fiction where one spouse casually dumps the other and replaces him/her with one expected to be better.

My octogenarian value system was formed in the days before contraception and is clearly out–of-date in that it does not consider the value of  extensive pre-marital sexual experience. A marriage is probably going to last longer if the parties know that sex is going to be great for both of them. That supports my belief that a good rule about marriage is:

“See it as something serious, that demands thought and preparation”.”

I go on from that to believe another rule:

“If you have done it, be prepared for considerable effort, compromise, and determination to make it work.”

I think that making a relationship work is a growth experience, more so than dumping a spouse in  a search for personal gratification.  So I am hoping that he impression I have gained about modern fiction is wrong.

In the old peoples home (a.k.a. “Luxury Retirement Village”) where I live, the residents are all about my age and share my views. They express great concern for their children (to some extent) and their grandchildren (more so) on account of this spouse-swapping world they must endure.

The next book has to have a different subject.


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