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On re-entering the world (see last post Alive Again) this issue stares me in the face. The Irish border seems critical. What do I know about it? Not enough. So off to Google to read an explanatory article by the BBC. Wiser, but not very much.

The backstop arrangement agreed by Theresa recognises a conflict. On the one hand is a need to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and The Republic. On the other hand there is a need to control traffic between different entities. (Assuming the UK leaves the EU). The agreement is a fudge, allowing a possible future in which the UK is tied to EU customs regulations permanently and is therefore unable to make customs agreements of it’s own. Have I got that right? Brexit folk can’t live with that possibility. 

Boris and others want to look for a different solution to the problem. The EU won’t even talk about the issue. Could there be a different, but credible solution? Nothing has yet got wide support, but one suggestion is that technology might enable control of movement without a physical check at the border. The means do not yet exist, but technology does so many impossible things already that the idea surely can’t be discarded. So why not talk about it?

The answer seems to be that the EU refuses even to talk about the issue because they might appear to be giving in, and lose face. This attitude seems juvenile to me.


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