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Nothing on this blog since August 2017! Why? Lost my wife (dementia) and then ill myself. So here is a story that may resonate with fellow Octogenarians.

Fell down for unknown reasons and was unable to get up. Lay on the floor all night and then grasped the emergency cord provided by this “Luxury Retirement Village”. Off in ambulance to Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading where they seemed uncertain what was wrong. Phone call from RBH to my daughter warning of possible decease but can’t remember a thing about it. The solution was a pacemaker – M.O.T. thereon due shortly.

Do remember waking to see  beautiful physiotherapist beside bed and illusion of being in Islamic Heaven where she and 99 others were waiting to greet me.

Out of RBH February 2018 but electronically inactive for a year. Can’t think why. Picture shows repaired octogenarian at Tarr Steps in Devon when escorted by daughter and son-in-law.

TarrstepBut reviewing past blog posts I discover that I am still the same bigotted octogenarian as before. Hullo World! No change. But Boris is now Prime Minister and England are World Champions at one-day cricket, though I think New Zealand got a rough deal. What will Boris do next? I can’t believe that he will be gaffe-free for long. But at least he will provide entertainmen – an activity at which the BBC fails so miserably

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