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An Election Worry.

In my last post I expressed concern about the coming election. With one week to go, my worries are worse.

Theresa May called the election in the hope of getting a stronger backing for her attitudes about Brexit. She sees Brexit as the great issue of the moment and wants to get it right. Labour seems to see Brexit as less important than domestic issues such as medical care and social services. The election will show which issue is top for the voters. At this moment Labour seems to be reducing the tory lead and a terrifying result seems almost possible.

The big difference between the issues is that one is critical time-wise and one is not.  We have an opportunity to escape from the prison of the EU and if we don’t take it then the desire may fade or circumstances may so change that we face different options. The issue of social reform is one that any incoming government will have to confront and will have to do so by, amongst other means, raising taxes. It is not going to go away.

If social reform is the prime aim of the incoming government than it will expend less energy on Brexit and is likely to get a less advantageous deal or even to give up trying, as the Liberal Democrats would like anyway. If the incoming government is not a conservative one then it will be a coalition, whose members will find it hard to agree on the details of social reform. The result is likely to be  half-hearted action in pursuit of one issue and confusion about the other

If a conservative government is elected with a reasonable majority, and a Brexit deal is struck, then the government can get on with social reform without the other thing hanging over them. So I remain committed to TM and the conservatives and will be appalled if they don’t win well.

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