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What moves me to activate a blog that I forget for weeks at a time and few people look at anyway? Fear. I am dead scared that something disastrous will prevent Theresa from getting her increased majority and somehow foul up Brexit.

I wanted out from the moment a referendum was promised and I have never changed. In fact I am more committed than ever because the noises coming out of Brussels are so aggressive. I can’t blame them for feeling as they do, because we are rejecting some ideas they deeply believe in, but all the harsh verbals reveal just how they see us. How awful it would be to submit to declared enemies of our national values. That’s what it would be if Brexit ended up as a failed rebellion. Crushed under the dead weight of Brussels Bureaucracy. Think defeat of the South in the American Civil War.

We are four weeks away from an election that may enable Theresa to ignore the snipers who would hinder Brexit and present a united front. But four weeks is a long time in politics and we have seen such turbulence in 2016 and 2017 that four weeks without some shocking new development looks a long period to survive.

The most likely disaster  is that the Tory strategists carry on far too long with the ‘Strong Leader’ image and people just get bored with it (as I am already). Do they have any Plan B? I see no hint of it. Corbyn will probably carry on with his cry for more spending on health, schools, etc, and eventually the massive Tory silence on those subjects will be noticed. Right now the message seems to be “We will sort all that out when Brexit is done and dusted. Not good enough. The feeblest Tory trotted out for yet another television interview gabbles about leadership and says nothing about social affairs.

Another possibility is a mega financial scandal involving the Bank of England and a few Philip Green events and huge sums of low earners pensions going down the drain as something like The Prudential goes bust. The capitalist system is disgraced and Theresa has no majority at all.

Nor must the hackers be forgotten . The Russians may already be assembling a vast supply of leaked documents, mixed up truth and falsehood, with which to show the underhand objectives behind Tory strategy.

There is also that splendid loose cannon called Boris. he is capable of anything.

This is why I am scared about the next four weeks. There are enemies within who will subvert Brexit if they see a chance, and there are enemies in Brussels who will want it to be a disaster. Some of these are very clever people. You can’t tell me that they going to let four weeks pass without hatching some ghastly plot.



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