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There must be others like me who are upset by the attempts to slow down or modify or overturn what I thought was the simple concept of Brexit. Presumably the remainers were fanatically against Brexit, but would I react in the same way if the decision had been different? Would I dream up post-event arguments that I never put forward at the time?

The question was clear enough. In or Out. Few of us knew enough about the issues to make an informed judgement, but no amount of logical argument would have changed that because it was all about what might or might not happen. Everybody was gazing into the future, guessing and creating visions to suit themselves. The fact that most politicians lied to us is equally unimportant. We expect it.

I have worries about the alleged difficulties of unscrambling all the legislation. One expert has likened the process to reconstructing one original egg from a three-egg omelette. Can it really be that difficult? When the American colonies got fed up ith Britain they just declared independence. Surely we can disavow the lot and start afresh from outside? The EU won’t want to have a bad relationship, or none at all with a substantial neighbour.

At the heart of my worry is fear. I am still afraid that the dedicated remainers will find a way to keep us under the thumb of Brussels and gradually erode our national identity. On 13th December, Philip Hammond was reported as presenting a case for  a transitional deal which would take longer but, hopefully, end up with a more beneficial relationship. I can’t object to a better deal, but I still have this fear that the longer things are delayed the more opportunity there is for fudge. I shall not feel safe until both the UK and the EU have said “It’s over. The UK is OUT and there is no going back.”

I believe that negotiating from outside will be easier because it will in one sense be more honest. We will be dealing people who may, in a  defined situation, become friends. In the past the motivation on the EU side has always been to achieve a politically united Europe, bureaucratically controlled and dedicated to conformity. So one party could see an agreement as final and limited while the other saw it only as stepping stone towards an objective. If it is clear that the UK does not intend to abandon it’s sovereignty then negotiations can focus on topical issues only. We will not have to ask “Where may this agreement be leading us?”

In my passionate desire to be out I am in danger of forgetting The Scots, and the 27 nations that apparently have to approve any leaving deal. The SNP will try to prevent being railroaded out of the EU, and getting 27 nation to reach agreement will surely take ages. So will it ever happen?

A dramatic, if  unlikely scenario is that we have the Sottish Independence Referendum in reverse, the YES side win, and Westminster repeals The Act of Union. Then the country that signed all those EU agreements will cease to exist and the treaties will automatically lapse.Then Scotland can have a referendum on whether to apply for EU membership or not.

Unlikely? Yes, but what did they say about Trump?


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