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Brexit confusion

It is hard to understand what ‘hard exit’ and ‘soft exit’ really mean and which is more likely. The issue is further confused by columnists who spin the facts according to their motivation. We are told by some that there is an undercover ‘remain’ party which is trying to overturn the referendum decision. We are also told by some that EU leaders are desperate to make life hard for us in order to persuade other countries that leaving is bound to end in disaster. The emotional message is that leaving can still be avoided and that leaving will be unpleasant. Do I now regret having voted to leave?

It was unclear in June what leaving would really mean and it is just as unclear now. Everything is a matter of opinion and speculation. Even the text of Article 50 has room for interpretation. So I disregard all the theories and fall back on the core  belief that influenced me at the time. I think that Europe is going the wrong way and that remaining in it would, in the end, be national suicide.. The ideology – Unity at all costs – is faulty. From that ideology depend many objectionable things. They include government by an unelected elite, distaste for the popular will, dislike of national identity and the elimination of variety.

The important thing for me is escape from the tentacles of Brussels, as soon as possible.We will cope with whatever comes after because there will be no other option. It is hard to believe that Britain will not then find the energy and creativity and determination that will be needed


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