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Blogger Reviewer Rewards Program

I am writing this description of the Blogger Reviewer Rewards Program because I like the  onlinebookclub idea of reading and reviewing books and getting a small fee for doing so. To make the system work I have to include a clickable link, so here it is, and this post is aimed at you, OBC.


I understand that the OBC acts for authors who are willing to pay for reviews and that they naturally want any review to be read. So if it appears on a blog that is seldom visited then their money is wasted. When I first applied to be a reviewer I was rejected because my blog had almost zero traffic. That I can accept, because so far I have only blogged about subjects of deep interest to me and about which I feel strongly.

Then I got an e-mail which suggested there was another way to get onto your list of reviewers. I want to follow it up. I have been a reader all my life and have written maybe five reviews on sites that invited them. But it does take time and thought to write an honest review that speaks good whenever possible but does not avoid criticism. So I have not bothered in the past. It looks as if things have now changed. A writer who is willing to pay a small fee seems determined and deserving. Maybe if I wrote a review it could be helpful to him or her and not just me shouting into the wind. I would enjoy it, and get some small cash reward.

So here, OBC, you have a willing reviewer. I am myself an author but have zero marketing skill and have more or less given up my attempt. But if you look at chriselgoodbooks.co.uk you can see that I am literate.


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