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A recent news item from the USA has the headline “Why aren’t we more excited about Clinton?” Shorn of the polite language (“she is not new”) the basic message is that she is boring. That is a harsh judgement on a serious politician who doubtless wants to improve society. If her ideas are likely to help us, the fact that they (and HC) have been around for a log time without being followed should not stop folk backing her.

Yet  we can be excused our boredom if we have another belief – that nothing is going to change anyway. If we really think that our leaders have precious little chance of getting good ideas implemented, then we might as well vote for people who are interesting and entertaining. (How much real change has happened in the Obama Presidency?) If I were a US citizen I would vote for Trump. He will be something new. He will not be boring.The numerous safeguards in the US constitution will probably stop him doing anything desperately stupid and he would be great entertainment. In the UK we have had a splendid soap opera for the past three weeks, and by courtesy of the labour party it is still going on. May the US version be as good.

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