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The majority of ministers in the Cameron government wanted Britain to stay in the EU. They lost, and their Prime Minister resigned. But, just three weeks later, they have a new Prime Minister who was also on their side.They are in a far better position than seemed likely when they woke up on that Friday morning.

Look at it as if it was a conspiracy. Theresa May was  the only candidate for the PM job who had actually voted REMAIN, and their best bet for retaining influence. So she must be helped to fight off the Brexit candidates. So when it came down to offering two names to the conservative party, hers must be one. The other would have to be a Brexiteer, because all of them were that were anyway. The second name to appear on the paper must be, in the view of the plotters, the one least likely to beat May. Two of the leading Brexiteers were big names, Boris and Gove, one already a candidate and one full of suspicious denials. Either might beat May.The opposing name in the members ballot had to be a lesser Brexiteer who could be easily beaten. There was no point in finding another REMAINER to stand.

So Boris and Gove must be taken out and other people must stand in the early stages of election, one of whom would get onto the final ballot papers sent to conservative party members, though without any realistic chance of beating May. Is this all an impossible story? Maybe. Yet the way it all worked out is suspicious. Somehow Gove was persuaded to knife Boris in the back and thereby discredit himself. two birds with one stone. There must have been clever whispering, worthy of the serpent in the garden of Eden. Then Liam Fox appeared and Andrea Leasom. One was already branded with an earlier failed attempt and the other was too lacking in experience to be Prime Minister.

It played out perfectly. Boris never stands. Fox and Gove are knocked out and Andrea Leasom is on the paper. Was there a final stage to the plot? Were the unfortunate comments by Leasom and the nastiness that followed somehow engineered? Was her dignified withdrawal also manipulated? My bet is that they were not. Having got a satisfactory name on the members ballot papers, I think a skilled plotter would have said “Don’t spoil it with overkill. We have a good chance of success and unnecessary activity might give us away. Do nothing more”.

Is this whole idea rubbish? Maybe. But the media are already pointing out that the whole thing has happened at a most unusual speed. Plots are common. Think Gunpowder Plot. Think how Jim Hacker got to be PM in “Yes, Minister”.

We must wait and see what “Brexit means Brexit” really means. Has the intellectual elite won again?

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