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That is something I did not expect at all. In his speech there was a comment about not being able to provide the type of leadership needed. That is easy to believe (too confrontational) but having him say so is a real turn up. Between  the two front-runners now, May and Gove, I will find it hard to choose. And what role does Boris imagine for himself? Any new PM is bound to fear a loose cannon of that quality. Still, we are having a few days when politics is not boring. We ought to be grateful.

Why are the EU so rigid about free movement? I suppose it follows from the belief that Europe should be one country. If you really are one country then it is daft to prevent people moving from one part to another and you have to oppose those who try. So it seems to a euro-believer that Britain is attacking his dream. Where did that dream come from? In the past some attempts to create unity have been empire-building. Some have been attempts to create a force powerful enough to resist an enemy. These don’t seem to apply now – unless the USA can be regarded as an enemy. The ‘official’ reason given for the EU is to prevent war between neighbours. If a supra-nation state is to command greater loyalty than a nation-state then it has to make the citizens that they are much better off now than they were before. Has the EU done so? If not, then the dream can’t succeed. It seems a bit pointless to follow a doomed dream.

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