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As the days go by, comments about BREXIT show less instant reaction and a bit more thought. Some sense is appearing through the mist of shock and recrimination.

A piece in The Times today dealt with the OUT vote by  labour supporters in defiance of the official labour line. It seemed to suggest that those voters (and others on the OUT side) were protesting at the way the progressive intellectual elite constantly ignored their worries. The immigration issue provided an example of this disregard, and served as a focus.

The article went further, postulating a new political divide between those who looked towards a global economy and those concerned with local well-being. The former group believes they can cope with the new world while the latter group fear that they won’t be able to compete. They want protection. Is it possible? Try this equation:

E x S x M = C where E=Effort and S =Skill and M=Mobility and C=Competitiveness.

If the effort you will put out is limited and your skill set is meagre and you won’t move location then you won’t have much success. This is the harsh reality of the global world. All three variables, E and S and M can be increased. But the need must be recognised and helped offered. Government has to play its part.

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