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Predictably, some Remainers are saying “I told you so”. Yes, they did, but we still voted OUT. Time will show whether the awfulness will be as bad as they promised.

There is general assent to the mantra that “The will of the people must be respected” yet voices are still saying “The people got it wrong”. How about “Vox populi vox dei”? One can argue that the people did not know what was good for them, but that assumes that the intelligentsia know better. It is also argued that the OUT voters were short on alternative ideas. True, but past revolutions have commonly been AGAINST rather than FOR. The message of the Brexit vote is, “This just can’t go on”. That’s what the people are right about and the inelligensia wrong.

What happens now? The leaders of the EU want us out quickly. This may be because they want to consign the referendum business to the past as soon as possible in the hope that no other nation will follow suit. Their problem is that the law gives us plenty of time for negotiation. They can’t alter that. But their message seems to be “Get it done quickly and we will give you a better deal. Spin it out and we will be as nasty as we can.” So the UK strategy has to be carefully thought out.

A different reaction might have been “How can we learn from this referendum? Can we make the EU more acceptable to ordinary people in other member states?” I see no sign of this yet.

One thing that worries me is the accusation that Boris is an unprincipled rogue who never expected OUT to win but used the event as a gigantic publicity stunt to boost his chances of becoming Prime Minister. Since I distrust almost all politicians I have to take the ideas seriously. But if he really is that devious, perhaps he is just what we need to negotiate with Brussels.


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