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Brexit has won the referendum.  My side won. How do I feel now?

Surprised. Because I thought a lot of LEAVE voters would chicken out at the last moment.

Frightened. Because we must now make it work, and that is going to be tough.

Relieved. Because our future in the EU would be national  annihilation.

Uncertain. Because this was only one battle and the vote by itself changes nothing, legally. All the disengagement has still to be done.

Grateful. To the public figures who have fought so hard against the establishment.

Sad. Because there is so little that old people can do to help.

Worried. Because immigration was a big issue and I doubt if anybody, anywhere, can stop it. Some voters are not going to get what they wanted. Trouble is coming.

Delighted. That the majority have no given in to the Cameron scare campaign.

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