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Tomorrow we vote. On Friday morning it will all be over. How will I feel?  If LEAVE wins I shall be excited by a new, unexplored, adventurous world. If REMAIN wins I shall be disappointed but not greatly surprised. I suspect that some people will run for cover at the last moment and give in to the scare campaign.

I was encouraged today by an article in The Times which refers to the assumption that ‘having a seat at the table’ gives one influence. The writer points out that Cameron has not so far had any noticeable influence and that it won’t change in any way after a REMAIN vote. It is not just a matter of his personality, of course. The huge number of people at the table reduces the influence of any one. Margaret managed it, but then there were fewer members.

He was still banging on today about the weight of economic opinion. It all comes from establishment figures who will naturally favour the Status Quo. I feel that becoming a recognised establishment figure automatically means that you have bought into an accepted wisdom and lost any desire to question it. His constant harping on the one theme makes me feel that repetition is the only strategy he has got. He never indicates any reservations. He does nothing to indicate that he has grilled any of these experts. The impression is that he has swallowed the whole thing whole. He does not even name some of the reputable economists who differ – like Roger Bootle of The London Business School. Type his name (Bootle’s) into Google and you will find a long string of comments and quotes. Here is one of the headings Google comes up with about his thinking.”

“Economic arguments about Brexit have succumbed to group-think.”

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