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“Saying it once is enough if you say it clearly.” I was brought up to think that and it takes an octogenarian ages to accept that in the plethora of words encouraged by the media and the internet, that the old mantra is just not true. I have tried to blog only once a day about my current obsession, but seeing Cameron on TV just now makes me so angry that I c an’t contain myself. How does he have the gall, after all his negative campaigning, to talk about a better future for our country?

Doubtless he relies on all those faceless advisers, but he has to accept responsibility for the scare campaign. He is the one who mouths the words to the camera. He says he does not want to wake up on Friday to a BREXIT vote and have to say “I failed to warn you.” Well, I don’t want to wake up on Friday and find I belong to a nation that surrendered to a scare campaign. Go back to the last passage in KING JOHN – “This England never did and never shall etc.”

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