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The LEAVE campaign and the REMAIN campaign seem to have almost equal support. Will anything new be said in the last few days? The strategists have stuck so far with The Economy for REMAIN and Immigration for LEAVE. Presumably they have identified target groups where these are the things that matter most. Do their arguments stand up?

The REMAIN campaign are forever returning to the sheer number of economists who prophesy doom if we leave. I don’t attach too much weight to that, because economics is too uncertain a science to have huge credibility. And there are always economists with other views. In the press today one of these wrote “Remains economic models are built on sand.”

Immigration Control is such a blanket term that every voter will have a different ‘hoped for’ situation. Some of these mental images are not realistic and will never happen. In the global world it will not be possible to protect our nationals for ever against people who are willing to work harder for less. For decades we have been getting more than we have given and it can’t go on. Immigration might make us more realistic.

There are three arguments that  make me a constant BREXITEER. The first is the anti-democratic nature of the EU and the destruction of national identities. The second is the negative nature of the whole REMAIN campaign. Here is another quote from today’s press  “We have heard no hope, optimism or confidence from the Remain side.” If there was something good to say we might perhaps be told (eg) “The EU has plans to do X and Y and Z which will be hugely beneficial to us and the EU and the world in general! We must be a part of it!” We have heard nothing of that sort because all the plans being hatched in the EU are likely to damage us. Third argument, sadly, is that I have no confidence in the ability of David Cameron to influence the EU. There have been suggestions that our referendum, whatever the outcome. will cause the EU to question its present policies. I don’t believe that will happen if we stay. Cameron has an unimpressive track record as regards his dealings with the EU. Neither he nor Osborn look like effective leaders. Osborn  always looks to me as if he is trotting out ideas fed to him by an adviser. He does not sound genuine.

Boris has not yet got s track record on which he can be judged. Will he be able to turn any of his vision into reality? I am betting that, given the chance, he would do better than Cameron




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