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Only five full days before the referendum vote. It makes one think, “Could I be wrong? Am I making a serious mistake?” The answer from this Brexiteer is “No”. I am still going to vote OUT. I think the stagnant pit into which the EU is heading is the greatest danger of all.

But what reaction in the EU will our vote provoke? Is there any chance of a significant change of direction? It can’t pass unnoticed that an IN/OUT  referendum in a major member country is very evenly balanced. There must be senior people in the EU who ask, “What does this signal mean? ” An IN result could provoke a response like “The nation least satisfied have decided not to leave, so it is safe to press, or accelerate, our present policy. Nobody else is going to cause trouble.” The response to an OUT vote might be, “Thank goodness we have got rid of that dissident voice. Now we Can press on, etc.”.

Or else the response might be, “This level of dissatisfaction is too great to ignore. We must have a thorough re-think of our policy and the way we implement it. We may well stick with the same thing, but the questioning must be done.”

Just how powerful is THE VISION? It may be so strong that all other considerations are ignored. That amounts to bigotry. Serious reflection might be a better option. Would serious reflection be more likely with the UK inside the tent or outside? On the evidence so far, our influence while inside has been very limited. On the outside it might be (directly) zero. But then the increased momentum of the project might highlight the inherent weaknesses and provoke a re-think that would otherwise not happen. So I think that there is a long-term benefit for Europe in our leaving.




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